Nolan Painting: Your Best Choice When Assessing the Cost of Painting a Room

Are you weighing the cost to paint your living room or another room in your house? When considering the cost of painting the bedroom, bathroom, dining room or living room of your Philadelphia home, you may be tempted to select a contractor who offers the lowest rate and be done with it. At Nolan Painting, we advise you to think twice about this tactic.

Choosing a cut-rate painter is risky for several reasons:

  • They may provide you with sloppy work that needs to be re-finished
  • They may damage your walls and/or furniture in pursuit of getting the job done as quickly as possible
  • They may employ subcontractors and therefore, not provide proper safety equipment and/or lead safe training practices
  • They may use inferior quality paint products that will not last
  • They may not apply the proper amount of paint needed or charge you extra for what is considered to be standard (which is 2 applying two coats of paint)

For these reasons, it’s wise to select a company like Nolan Painting. We guarantee the highest-quality of work at an affordable rate.

Why Nolan Painting?

Nolan Painting offers the best value for your money of any interior painting company in Philadelphia, the Main Line and surrounding areas [note, want to make sure Bucks County doesn’t get left out of our service territory]. With Nolan Painting, you have access to:

We’ve been recognized by several prestigious entities for our commitment to excellence, including the Main Line Times, the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s List, Houzz, and the Better Business Bureau.

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