How to Create a Gatsby Inspired Home Through Interior Painting

by Lauren Garvey, Nolan Painting Color Consultant

For nearly a century Art Deco themed colors have graced the walls of homes and businesses across the world. As so amazingly outlined in the book, “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald designed an empire of rich colors, in a home unlike no other.

The resurgence of Art Deco colors and décor found its way back by way of the big screen with the remake of the film in 2014. Like visual candy, we took a step inside the mind of Fitzgerald through an impressive design team who brought to life Gatsby’s home, as well as breathed life back into the rich history of Art Deco.

Let’s take a stroll through Gatsby inspired interior home colors and design and what they represent to an era that will never be forgotten.

Color according to Gatsby:

Gold stands for richness, but also happy or prosperous (golden days, golden age), success and value.

Silver represents jewelry and richness.

Red is associated with life, joy, love, shame, and rage.

White stands for being morally unblemished and honorable.

Blue is the color of being depressed, moody, or unhappy. Blue gives a rich, deep and cool feeling to any room.

At Nolan Painting, our goal is to carefully listen to you needs and create for you a space inspired by your dream. To learn more about how to choose the right color for your home contact Nolan Painting today and ask about our free color consultation.


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