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Roofs Are for Reindeer: 5 Reasons to Let Pennsylvania’s Top Professionals Handle Your Holiday Lighting This Season

Usher in the holidays with an inviting entryway. These illuminated garlands add the perfect touch to your exterior columns.

It’s easy to romanticize the ritual of pulling out your dusty strands of twinkle bulbs, firing up some cocoa on the stove, and climbing up on your roof to light your home for the holiday season, but the reality of the situation can often turn out to be a little bit more ‘Clark Griswold’ than ‘Frank Capra’. That said, if you don’t feel a glow of universal love for humanity when you see a home brilliantly lit up with care, you must have a tinge of scrooge syndrome. It’s an annual conundrum: slogging through old strands, broken bulbs, and blown electrical breakers- all while trying to maintain that cheery Kris Kringle attitude and remember how much you love the end result.

To solve that conundrum, Nolan has come up with a solution for your family to enjoy a beautifully lit home without so much as stepping out into the cold. We’re offering professional lightingservices during the holidays through Shine Holiday Lighting, and we can have your house glowing like Rudolph’s nose in a jiffy.

In case you’re still itching to break out the old cardboard boxes and lean your ladder up alongside your rain gutter, we’re offering you a few reasons to consider letting professionals do the hard work while you enjoy your eggnog.

  1. Safety

We’d like to bring up safety first, because, frankly, it cannot be emphasized enough. The thought of homeowners dragging out their old 12-step ladder from 1997, unfolding it on a sludge-ridden sidewalk, and climbing up with stapler, lightbulbs, and duct tape in hand all while wearing a snowsuit: the thought is terrifying.

We can help. Our team of technicians does this full-time and we have the equipment and know-how to make it go smoothly. We understand the temptation, but remember, the holidays are not a time you want to spend in the emergency room. As the saying goes, discretion is the better part of valor. Do your family a favor, and don’t try to handle a lighting plan that you’re not fully equipped to see through.

  1. Architectural Elegance

Our lighting designers are experienced working with Main Line homes, and we’ve developed an approach to highlight the gorgeous architectural features of your roofline and maximize the “decorativity” of features like gingerbread exterior crown molding, and the beautiful pop-out windows that grace so many Pennsylvania exteriors. We’ll keep it elegant and design a plan that really emphasizes the beauty of your home- we always make sure to light the peak of the home.

A simple strand of white bulbs accentuates the exterior architecture in this classy look.
  1. Maintenance and Storage

Our team maintains your lighting plan throughout the season, so if anything goes wrong or if you have bulbs break, we’ll be there to get you back to full-wattage in no time. We even provide the lights so you don’t have to plan which strands will work to cover your home. What’s more, we can take down your lighting once the holidays are over and offer storage year-round so you don’t have strands of lights lying unused in your garage in the off-season, cluttering your space and likely shattering a few bulbs in the process as they get packed and unpacked.

  1. Timeliness

Leaving your Christmas tree up until February is one thing, but letting your lighting stay up past its prime time is another. Bulbs are prone to damage in the severe weather that can hit Pennsylvania throughout the winter season, so if you’re not using them it’s best to keep them safely stored away. We understand that it’s easy to get busy catching up on work and your usual daily activities after the flurry of Christmas time has come and gone, so we can step in and have them stored away in no time.

Our lighting team integrated the lighting in the garden with the exterior lighting on this home, for a warm glow that rivals the twinkliest of Thomas Kinkade greeting cards.
  1. A Professional Pizzazz

The pizzazz: this is why we love what we do. Whether it’s home painting or hanging Christmas lights, there’s a real joy in seeing the final product come together beautifully and transform your home. We’re Christmas professionals, and we’re able to give your home a professional and dazzling lighting set-up that your family is going to remember for years to come. Each home we design has a unique, clean, crisp look. Check out a few of our looks from past years, and we’re confident you’ll see what we mean.

A professionally lit pine or fir can transform your backyard into a magical scene.

The Season is Here! Getting Started with Professional Lighting

Christmas is approaching fast, and there’s no time like the present to get your home lit up and let your family start enjoying the sparkle. Let the professionals handle your lighting this holiday season: it will be a safer, happier holiday season, and we’re confident that you’ll be hooked for many seasons to come. If you’re ready to get started with your professional lighting plan, contact us today for a consultation, and happy holidays from the Nolan team.