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Shine Holiday Lighting

Professional Holiday Lighting for Your Home This Christmas Season

Nothing says Christmas like a beautifully lit home, awash in glorious Christmas lights. A fully lit-up home throughout the Christmas season sounds like a great idea — unless you’re the one who has to do the Christmas light installation. Residents from Philadelphia, the Main Line and surrounding areas dutifully trot out their old Christmas lights every year, untangling the cords, checking the bulbs and finally, getting out the ladder to string them up in a way that looks like the Christmas scene they’ve imagined. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn’t — but it’s always a hassle.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were quality holiday lighting services in Southeast Pennsylvania that could take care of all that for you? Well, the good news is — there is. Nolan Painting brings you Shine Holiday Lighting to your home, be it in the city of Philadelphia or in the suburbs of the Main Line and Doylestown.

Light It Up Right

Shine Holiday Lighting takes care of everything when it comes to holiday lighting. It brings the lights to you, figures out the best way to install them on your home, maintains them, and best yet, takes them back and stores them when the holiday season is over, typically after New Year’s. No dealing with those troublesome cords or burned out bulbs. In fact, Shine Holiday Lighting provides patented LED lights with a warm yellow tone, so they look great every time. Colored lights are also available, if you’re looking to add dimension to your property.

When you walk through the neighborhood and see rows of beautifully appointed houses with perfect lighting, do you think those homeowners put those lights up themselves? We’re willing to bet they’ve got a secret weapon — the same one you’ll have this year when you let Shine Holiday Lighting handle your holiday lighting services.

Own a business in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Bucks county that could use some illumination for the holiday season? Shine Holiday Lighting does commercial Christmas lighting, too. We also service townships and would love to lighten up a charming downtown!

Shine On

If you’re ready to try something new this Christmas season, with a beautifully lit house with strings of lights cut to fit and without all the hassle you normally associate with Christmas light installation, let Nolan Painting bring you Shine Holiday Lighting to take over this year.

The best time to start is now. It may seem a little early, but as Thanksgiving approaches, holiday lighting demand starts going up fast, and you don’t want to be left out in the cold. Contact us today to find out how the right holiday lighting installation can really change your life this holiday season and to get a free estimate on your home’s holiday lighting installation.