Interior, Exterior Face Lift in Rosemont

Rosemont PA Home Interior, Exterior Face Lift in Rosemont

Paint Request

The owners of this old 1920’s Main Line home were planning to downsize and sell. But in order to sell their home, it needed a major “face lift.”

As the Main Line Customer started receiving bids from four painters, she realized a lot of deferred maintenance needed to be done before painting the exterior. This included repairs to stucco, removing rotted exterior wood trim and re-pointing places on the brick chimney.  

Price was a big concern and the scope of the interior and exterior work was huge.  But a second and more important concern for the owners was the quality of the job.  

“We always want quality work, but with the real estate market so uncertain, it was even more important,” said the customer. “We didn’t know when we might be able to list the house or even find somewhere affordable to move. If we did a quick fix just to sell, which is the natural inclination of the downsizer, we could wind up doing it again in a year or two!” 

Their plan was to fix the house correctly for the long term and be ready to jump when the time was right. This meant the paint and repairs had to last and still look good three or four years down the road.

“Nolan’s bid was the highest,” said the customer. “However, it was also clearly far more realistic in the amount of prep that would be needed. Jon Meyer, VP of Sales from Nolan, explained what needed to be done and why it was important for our house that something be done a certain way.  He never criticized his competitors, but gave us information we needed to understand the process. If there were shortcuts taken, he explained, most likely we wouldn’t be happy with the final product. He stressed that Nolan guarantees their work.” 

“One of the reasons we chose Nolan was because of the depth of their bench—not only do they have painters on staff, they also have skilled carpenters, and people who could do stucco work and repair the masonry,” said the customer. “In talking with Jon, it was clear that Nolan had the experience to do it all and the attitude to do it right.”

 “Having one company that could do it all was vital,” explained the customer. “It was the solution we were looking for. We weren’t going to be held up getting bids from subcontractors. The price would be under our control from start to finish. There wouldn’t be any surprises of things not included. Even if damage surfaced that wasn’t visible at the outset, Nolan would be able to either deal with it or find someone who could. And, it was guaranteed for two years. Plus, Jon gave us a flexible bid providing options so we could add jobs as we went along.”  

Nolan’s Solve

We were confident upfront and reassuring during the whole painting process. It took about three weeks to paint the interior and exterior of this Main Line home.

“Nolan’s crews made the whole experience as easy and pleasant as possible. The painters were nice people, pleasant and polite, who tried not to invade our privacy and to respect our property.  They told us when they would be arriving and when they were leaving and the status of each project.”  

Happy Customer

“What we didn’t know, in spite of all the painting we have done in the 40 years we have owned homes, is that a truly professional paint job can change the way a home feels,” said the customer.   

“It is very hard to describe this, but the techniques the crews used here, particularly while painting the white walls in the hallways and living room, actually makes it feel soft, and gives it a richness and depth that was lacking previously.  It is something I noticed right away, and I hope potential buyers will, too.  It is most visible in the living room in different lighting during the day. But as I began to look at the rest of the house, the same feeling is there. It is quality work. We are very appreciative of the wonderful job all of Nolan’s employees have done for us.”

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