Colors in Nature

Explore nature’s palette with Nolan Painting and Tyler Arboretum in a color scavenger hunt.

Nolan Painting supports Tyler Arboretum and through this partnership, we encourage you to go out in nature, find pops of color and get inspired. 

Explore the Arboretum and match 6 paint colors to various plants and blooms. Also, learn which colors of the season go best in your home.

Find these 6 Sherwin William Fall Paint Colors in the Arboretum:


We Offer Color Consulting with Every Booked Job

With every booked job, you get free color consulting from one of our talented color experts. Take advantage of this service that our customers love!

Trish has been working for Nolan Painting for 12 years as a professional color consultant and interior decorator. She has experience servicing thousands of homes throughout the Main Line region. Trish has a solid understanding of the benefits and differences of paint products and finishes (interior/exterior) as well as on current trends in interior design, home décor, paint and color. She likes to first listen to the customer to learn which colors he/she likes to use in his/her home before guiding in the color selection process. Trish is also an artist and muralist.

Adriana has been working at Nolan Painting for 15 years as a professional color consultant. She has the ability to envision how space is used and which colors complement each other when looking at walls and furniture. Adriana works collaboratively with the customer and listens to him/her first and tries to make the decision-making process as quick and easy as possible.


Christy is a customer-centric color consultant with an eye for detail.  She has been with Nolan for 2 years and has been engaged in interior design for the last 15 years.  Christy’s eye for detail was honed at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts in the 1980’s.  Christy is an avid student of style with an appetite for beauty and a passion for classic designs.  Christy’s discerning eye focuses on the perfect shade to complement the client’s style, furnishings and desired outcome for each project.