Baker Industries

Baker Industries Baker Industries


Baker Industries provides manufacturing, fulfillment, and temporary staffing services. These services are provided by adults working hard to overcome disabilities, a criminal record, substance abuse issues or homelessness. Nolan stepped up to improve Baker’s office environment. Nolan team members power-washed and painted masonry on the front and side of the building. The job took four days and used 40 gallons of paint (donated by Sherwin Williams).


A social enterprise, Baker Industries blends a unique mix of hard-to- employ adults in their non-profit work program. Each day, more than 200 workers make their way to one of their two production facilities where they
meet exacting customer specifications. Led by a dedicated staff of manufacturing professionals, workers know Baker Industries is giving them a chance that few will provide.


The work was done in July 2017 at Baker Industries headquarters in Malvern, Pa.


Baker’s program participants build their self-esteem and work skills in a warm and caring environment until they are ready to move into the regular workforce, if they are able. Since 1980, more than 10,000 vulnerable adults in our community have participated in this nonprofit work program.

Says Kevin Nolan: “Baker Industries is a tremendous cause. I am glad there are institutions like Baker that do this important work to help those that need a second chance, but often are overlooked.”