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Center for Creative WorksNolan Painting donated its time and talent to prep, patch and paint 1,200 square feet of space in the Center’s cafeteria. In addition, Nolan helped guide 20 volunteers from the community who also offered their time. In all, Nolan Painting donated four days of work (a value of $5,000) and collaborated with Sherwin Williams who agreed to donate all the paint – a $700 value. The Center for Creative Works project is part of Nolan in the Neighborhood, a community initiative supporting local organizations and events throughout the Main Line area.




Center for Creative Works
The Center for Creative Works is a unique, studio-based vocational arts program for adults with developmental & intellectual disabilities. The Center is committed to an environment in which participants learn, engage, create, build skills, and take ownership and pride in their work as well as their place in the community.


Center for Creative WorksJanuary 19, 2015 (Martin Luther King Day) Wynnewood, PA







Center for Creative WorksThe Center’s mission is to give people a sense of belonging and purpose. There’s a spirit of volunteerism centered on MLK day and to take advantage of that spirit, we decided to donate our services to this wonderful organization and to help generate creativity for these budding artists. The amazing people at The Center for Creative Works are doing important and noble work for our community. Nolan employees loved the opportunity to help brighten the surroundings of the Center.