Duportail House

Duportail House Duportail House

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Nolan Painting was selected as a partner in the latest restoration project of the historical Duportail House. We donated our services to this impressive project which included interior repair and paint for the bridal room and bath.


The Duportail House is a charming stone farmhouse nestled among the trees on a beautiful plot of land in the heart of America’s history. Built in 1740 by John Harvard, Jr., a Welsh Quaker, the home played host to a guest by the name of General Louis Lebègue Duportail.  General Duportail was recruited to serve as the burgeoning US Army’s chief engineer by Benjamin Franklin. His service was instrumental in designing fortification at Valley Forge that would enable Washington’s troops to hold off attacks from nearby British soldiers.  For over 250 years, the Duportail House has stood as a testament of a time past, but never forgotten. Today, the house is in the care of a non-profit organization that manages the upkeep and makes it available for special events, educational field trips, and meetings.


The 2015 restoration project kicked-off in January and its completion was feted that June at a festive community celebration. The Duportail House sits on the fringe of Valley Forge National Park in the heart of Tredyffrin Township in Chester County.


Partnering with historical societies to preserve our region’s landmarks is one of the core focus areas for Nolan in the Neighborhood. “Nolan Painting has been a leader in their industry since 1979. When we needed a partner to help restore and paint this historic house, Nolan Painting was our first call and they have been great every step along the way. Even more important than the high quality and professional work they do, they have been a great partner and always willing any time we needed assistance.” – Board Member, The Duportail House