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Executive Director Claudia McBride of the Main Line School Night called Kevin Nolan about the possibility of painting the school early in 2015. The place was in desperate need of painting. Claudia wanted to change the color and soften the features of the Frank Furness Victorian in order to raise the overall atmosphere. As a non-profit, the school could not afford the job, but Claudia and Kevin worked it out and Nolan did the job at a greatly reduced rate in return for a sponsorship. Nolan provided color consulting and computer simulation, and ultimately put in 700 hours of work that included carpentry repairs and extensive preparation, as well as the painting itself.


Main Line School Night, founded in 1938, is committed to enhancing community life by providing area residents opportunities to pursue lifelong learning through a wide selection of affordable, stimulating classes and programs that contribute to personal growth and enrichment.


July-August 2015 during the school’s summer recess. Main Line School Night is located in Harford Park on Gulph Creek Road in Radnor, PA.


Through a wide range of non-credit programs, courses and activities, MLSN provides exciting new perspectives for the edification and enjoyment of people seeking affordable lifelong learning opportunities. A pleasant, clean physical environment is conducive to learning. Because Main Line School Night contributes so much to the community, the folks at Nolan were compelled to make the project work – regardless of financial restraints.

“We are so grateful to Kevin and the whole Nolan Painting team for giving our ‘Victorian Lady,’ a beautiful make-over,” explains Claudia. “The MLSN ‘home’ is lovely, and participants really enjoy spending time in this unique Furness & Evans building, which sits, rather majestically atop the hill in Harford Park.”