Life Turning Point of Philadelphia

Nolan Painting Team Life Turning Point of Philadelphia


Life Turning Point of Philadelphia was established in 2019 as a means to house homeless women and children in Philadelphia.

One of Nolan Painting’s past customers, Robert Hines, who volunteers at Life Turning Point of Philadelphia, reached out to us asking if we can donate our services to this in-need organization. 

This community work aligns with our Nolan in the Neighborhood mission and values, giving back to the community where we live and work. We agreed to prep and repaint several rooms, worth $6,500.




The program provides shelter for homeless women and children for up to 18 months with a Biblical life-skills training program, while securing employment and permanent housing. The mission is to teach single mothers how to restructure their lives and become self-sufficient, productive, members of society.



January 17, 2022, MLK Day of Service

5200 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia



Nolan Painting donated its labor and resources to repaint several rooms in the building in order to provide a fresh, clean and safe living environment for the women and children in need. 

“It has been a major challenge to re-open the ministry and residence of Life Turning Point previously known as Wayne Hall. This residence for homeless mothers and their children is a much-needed program at this time and in this city.

Those involved with the initiative knew that getting rooms painted would be a top priority. I was really excited to review the Nolan Painting’s Community Initiative, ‘Nolan in The Neighborhood,’ and realize how committed you are to help in the community. Rita Whitaker and all those involved with the re-opening were extremely excited when the Nolan Team offered to paint the rooms.  It was such a significant donation of time, effort, labor, and paint. The team was wonderful. The Nolan team of painters were all gentlemen, professional, accommodating and exceptionally good at their profession.

Your donation was a major step in Life’s Turning Point’s ability to move forward and soon offer residence to homeless mothers and their children. You have done a great service to the community.

We are all so grateful.” —Robert Hines

Nolan Painting Team Nolan Painting Team Nolan Painting Team Nolan Painting Team