We Love U Foundation’s School Project

Blue exterior door We Love U Foundation’s School Project

Repainting Exterior Doors

We Love U Foundation and its We Love Our School Project

Nolan Painting donated $600 worth of paint to the We Love U Foundation’s “We Love Our School Project.” We Love U volunteers repainted the exterior doors of the George W. Sharswood School in South Philadelphia over the course of 2 days. 

November 2022

Repainting Elevates School’s Appearance

The school’s principal wanted to enhance and elevate the school’s appearance and create a better experience for students and faculty. When schools are run down with a poor appearance and outdated equipment, there are a variety of adverse outcomes for both the school community and the community at large. Research supports that elevating a school’s appearance may lead to the following:

  • Students/teachers are more productive and happy
  • Crime/negative behaviors among students decrease
  • Attracting and retaining teachers/staff
  • Boost academic performance in students
  • Positive parent Perceptions of school
  • Keeping students & faculty healthy
  • Provides children with a sense of ownership
  • Improved Property Values of Surrounding Areas

We are happy to contribute to making this improvement, and it is aligned with our Nolan in the Neighborhood’s education initiative.