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If you’re a homeowner in Doylestown, PA 18901 look no further than Nolan Painting for your next exterior painting job. Nolan Painting is the premier exterior and interior house painting company in the Bucks County, Doylestown, area. We specialize in painting home exteriors as well as interiors and can even assist you in choosing the color that’s right for your Doylestown home. 

As one of the leading exterior house painting companies in the 18901 Doylestown area, we ensure that the process and final product will leave you satisfied. In business since 1979, our team of professional painters has the expertise to meet and even exceed your expectations on your next exterior painting project.  

Doylestown homeowners don’t often think about the many reasons why it’s important to maintain a fresh coat of paint on their home exteriors. Learn why maintaining the exterior of your home with a good paint job is important below:

Exterior Home Painting

  • Curb Appeal: There’s something to be said for curb appeal. When you pull up to a home, it’s nice to see a home that doesn’t have any peeling paint or obvious imperfections. When a home is nicely painted, you get the feeling that the home is loved and cared for on the inside as well as the outside.
  • Protects from Insects and Bugs: There are certain insects and termites that can do real damage to homes when they eat through the exterior. Having a solid exterior paint job can protect against these unwanted creatures. The paint itself serves as an outermost layer of protection so that the insects or termites cannot get through.
  • Protects from Weather Events: Weather events can have a significant impact on homes, causing different types of damage depending on the severity of the event. Just like with insects and bugs, exterior paint can help protect against certain types of damage due to the outer layer of protection that can protect the home in heavy rain and wind storms.
  • Increases Property Value: It’s been stated that having a nice exterior paint job can increase a home’s value by approximately 5%. This can actually be a significant amount of money when you consider the cost of certain homes. The cost that it adds to the overall home value would likely be less expensive than the paint job itself – worth the value in our eyes!
  • Impacts Overall Energy: Color most definitely affects how your home feels. Different colors can create a variety of feelings and emotions from freshness to happiness. By changing the exterior paint color, you can dramatically change the overall feeling and energy of your home from the very first impression.

Residential House Painters

The next time you are searching for exterior house painting companies in the Doylestown, PA 18901 area, remember to call the experts at Nolan Painting. Our team of experienced painters have combined decades of experience in painting both interior and exteriors to leave homes looking refreshed and clean. Our Doylestown team of residential interior painters and exterior painters will make your project a breeze through clear communication and speedy service. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today at 610.572.2806 to start the conversation about painting your Doylestown home!

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“The employees were timely, knowledgeable and professional during the project. They performed extensive preparation work that resulted in a beautiful outcome. We are very pleased with the results and would hire them again.” —Steven Koniers