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We’ve been painting homes for over 40 years in Havertown. That experience guarantees that our team does every job right and ensures that every customer is satisfied. Our full time team members know that a good paint job can’t be rushed. That’s why a lot of work happens before the paint goes on. Taping and covering, sanding, patching, cleaning and priming and finally two coats of a premium finish paint. One last clean-up and then a final check to make sure you are completely happy. 

One of the important parts of the painting process is the color selection. It can be stressful to choose a paint color for your project. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s a big decision to make! You want to pick a color that is perfect for your home in Havertown and that you will love for a long time. If you’ve been searching for an expert color consultant near me, we are here to help you with this process! We’ve been in business since 1979 and have helped countless people in Havertown, PA 19083 with picking the right colors for their projects. We’ve received numerous accolades for our quality craftsmanship, expertise in interior and exterior painting, and outstanding customer service among our Havertown customers. We have a team of 100+ experts who are motivated to give you the best service possible. We are also committed to community service and working with our local community to make the world a better place. 

The Color Consult Process

At Nolan Painting, we follow a simple color consultation process for our Havertown, 19083 residential and commercial clients. Our team of experts will visit your property to figure out the area that needs painting. After that, we talk to you about what you’re looking for and what your style preferences are. We take in all factors, like the size of the area that needs painting, the exposure to light, and the specific architectural style of the home, along with the colors and designs of the trim work or the current furniture. We consider every detail when we are working on your interior or exterior painting project. Everything is taken into account and we are thorough with this process. Our expert consultants will present their color recommendations to you. We’ll give you advice on trending color schemes and compatible colors for your current motif. We want to make sure that your final choice for your Havertown home is one that you’re comfortable with and that will shine with your esthetic vision. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Color Consultant?

Are you tired of looking up expert color consultants near me?” Then check out Nolan Painting! The colors that you pick for your project are important and not a decision to be taken lightly. The color of your walls can have a strong effect on how it feels to live or work there. The color on your walls can determine if you’re relaxed, energized, restful, or excited. You want to pick the best possible color for you, and our in-home color consultation will help you find a shade that fits you perfectly. At Nolan Painting, we take pride in our painting process and we want you to feel empowered in this process. So, if you are tired of looking for a local painting contractor in Havertown, PA 19083 contact us today!

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“Nolan Painting is the top of the line – these are professionals who offer quality work and quality service. They have colorists, carpenters, estimators and schedulers – and they offer a two-year guarantee on their work. If you want the work done well, call Nolan.” —Sara Matthews