Vinyl Siding Power Washing in Broomall

How Often Should You Power Wash Vinyl Siding?

Are you wondering how often should you power wash vinyl siding? Power washing your home is an amazing way to ensure your paint job is protected. Power washing removes mold, dirt, and mildew, and it’s a good way of giving the exterior of your home a nice shine. At Nolan Painting, we can power wash your siding, deck, driveway, and other exterior surfaces around your home. It’s good to powerwash your home after bad weather because wind can cause dirt to settle on the side of your home. Before a new coat of paint, it’s a good idea to power wash to make sure you get everything off of the exterior. Before preparing to sell your home, it’s good to power wash it so your home is looking its best for potential buyers. Power washing is also just a good idea for routine maintenance. Experts agree that your home should be power washed every six to twelve months, or one to two times per year. 

If you’ve been searching for house power washing near me, you’ve come to the right place! At Nolan Painting, we are passionate about power washing and making sure your home looks as fantastic as it possibly can. We’ve been in business since 1979 and have a team of 100+ experts that are highly skilled and trained to give you the best service.

Pressure Washing 

Our pressure washing services at Nolan Painting use a powerful hose with high pressure and low volume. We use water and a cleaning solution that is biodegradable to blast away dirt, stains, old paint, mold, and mildew. Lead was used in houses built before 1978 and can be a point of concern for homeowners. Occasionally, we scrape the house first to remove any paint chips that are loose or we might choose to use the soft wash method. It’s a good idea to hire a professional to power wash your home because they can make sure the exterior of your home is cleaned thoroughly while not damaging the exterior. 

The best areas to pressure wash on your property are concrete areas like sidewalks, pathways, fences, decks, driveways, and patios. Some of the more popular items we clean include but are not limited to traditional wood, walkways, brick and vinyl siding, stucco, cedar shingle restoration, deck, patio, and outdoor furniture.

Soft Washing 

Soft washing is a gentle version of pressure washing. It uses low and non-destructive pressure with different special nozzles along with our biodegradable solution. This removes algae, pollen, mold, dirt, moss, and other stains. Some exteriors can’t take pressure washing and the exterior might get chipped away. This isn’t an issue with soft washing. This is a great option for an exterior that is between paint jobs. It is a safe and effective option to clean off any fungus or algae growth. We soft wash stucco, vinyl, and wood siding, masonry surfaces, concrete, and paving. 

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