You make the list, a Nolan Painter will get it done.

Call Nolan Painting, Inc. today and get an experienced Nolan Painter for a Day.

We created this service as a response to a higher demand for maintenance projects.  Many of the people we meet each day have lists of painting needs that fall into the “to do” category.

Projects like:

  • Touch-up the trim.
  • Repair an unsightly crack.
  • Paint a  scuffed up hallway wall.
  • Freshen up doors and doorways.
  • Repair or touch up water spots on ceilings.

Here is an example of what a Nolan Painter can do in a day;

Freshen up a 15′ x 20′ bedroom – This includes painting the walls and ceiling with one coat of matching paint, touching-up the trim, and also taking care of a few miscellaneous items throughout your home.

Let Nolan Painting do the climbing – Many of the people who have had a Nolan Painter for a Day have done so to reach those high places around the house.  Cleaning Gutters and Installing Holiday Decorations have been two of the most popular hard to reach projects.

Your Nolan Painter for a Day Includes:

  • A Professional Nolan Painter
  • A Fully-equipped Nolan Painting Vehicle with all necessary supplies
  • 8 hours of Quality Painting Craftsmanship
  • Interior and Exterior (weather permitting) Projects

Get all of this for the special price of $525!

Call us today 610-789-3156 or send us an e-mail with your request.