Warranty/Terms of Service

Nolan Painting, Inc. warrants labor and material for a period of two years. If paint failure appears, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition without cost. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Our responsibility is limited to correcting the condition as indicated above.

This warranty excludes, and in no event will Nolan Painting, Inc. be responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse, normal wear and tear, temperature changes, settlement or moisture; i.e., nail pops or cracks caused by expansion and/or contraction. Cracks will be properly prepared as indicated at time of job, but will not be covered under this warranty.


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    Serving Pennsylvania's Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia, Delaware & Bucks Counties

    Exclusions also include:

    • Painted or stained horizontal walking surfaces (i.e. decks, floors and steps), dirt and mildew accumulation.
    • Paint failure due to rotted wood, structural defects, moisture intrusion, failure of previous paint coatings and insect infestation.

    Nolan Painting is not responsible for differences in paint color when performing warranty work.

    This warranty is transferable.

    Refund Policy

    All sales for our professional services rendered are final. If you are not completely satisfied with the professional services you were provided please contact info@nolanpainting.com or call 610-572-2806. After discussion with our customer service team we will issue a refund, if within 15 days from the purchase date.

    If you have any questions regarding our warranty, contact us online!

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