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There’s more reasons now then ever before to call us for an estimate

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 27, 2010
painting estimates

painting estimates

From left to right: Jon Meyer, Jim Falk, Kevin Nolan, Steve Nafranowicz

Seems crazy, right!  We are all still recovering from Holiday excess.  Holiday decorations are still up and we all have sworn off spending another dime.  I’m here to tell you that right now is the absolute best time to call us to plan your next home improvement project.

Why now:

  • Our cheapest rates(20% off) are now available on work completed by Jan.31st.
  • We can have one of our designers come to your home to help with colors.
  • Nolan now offers an exclusive color system that will help you chose colors based on a simple selection process.  This process will show you a pallet of colors that are unique to your likes and are exclusive to our customers only.  These colors were designed by the same women who developed the Ralph Lauren line of colors.
  • We offer a “Done in 10 Day Guarantee”…ask your estimator!
  • Our services expand to light carpentry repairs and special trim packages.
  • Now typically is a slow time and we are looking to keep our full-time professional painters busy.  You will receive great care from us this time of year.

Call now…610-449-7795 and one of our secretaries will schedule an appointment to meet with one of our estimators(see above).  We’ll even arrive within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment…I promise!

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