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Training at Nolan Painting – How We Stand Out from Our Competition

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 7, 2011
training at nolan

The success of Nolan painting throughout the years can be attributed to our daily operations, our employees in the field, our culture, and right down to doing it the Nolan Way!

Training is one of the vehicles used to deliver part of the success at Nolan Painting. Our mission is simple to preserve both surfaces and relations, to provide the utmost in professional painting service in a prompt friendly and honest manner, to enjoy the benefits of a job well done, and to be the best in the business. This being said we are continuously aware of our Promise and strive daily to fulfill it.

We have through the years built an extensive training program that covers the three main aspects that we deal with on a daily basis: the Customer, the Job, and the Employees.

Our Customer Service Training teaches us how to address customers’ needs and to be respectful of their homes. As a residential repaint company, we rely heavily on our customers and repeat business, so it is our mission to provide impeccable service.

Our on-the-job training provides us with the knowledge of how to successfully run a job with minimal interruption to the customer; as we often say, “let us make it a pleasant experience!” We train heavily on product knowledge, what the best tool is for the job, and doing it the right way; thus providing the service that was promised to our customer.

Job safety for both employees and our customers is always at the forefront of our minds and is part of our mandatory training which all employees must receive.

For our employees, we have created many opportunities for advancement through an extensive training program. Since we do not use Sub-contractors we invest heavily in our internal employee base. Our Crew Leader training program is one of the best in the country. We provide career development training for employees wishing to move up through the ranks of the company, and our skills training allows our employees the opportunity to learn and become the best in the business! Training will always be a continuous education at Nolan Painting.

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