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Is Your Home in Need of Rotten Wood Repair or Replacement?

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 24, 2011

Over the course of years of possible neglect or even over a few months of harsh winter weather, many homes suffer from an assortment of rotten wood issues.  Left unattended they can become very costly to repair and cause further damage to other areas of the home.

What to look for:

Obviously 1st we want to look closely at all wood surfaces (we’ll discuss stucco and plaster repairs at a later time).  To be more specific we want to look at all “transition areas” where the ends of wood either stop or connect with another piece.  Some wood and windows are pieced together with “finger jointed” wood and these areas can become problematic if left untreated.

Window sills tend to go first.  As soon as the caulking “wears out”, water will “wick” into the grains of the wood and immediately begin to soften the wood.

Other areas to look for possible damage are the base of door frames, drip edges along the corner of the roof and the ends of wood trim and siding.

If you feel that your home is experiencing some of these issues, a Nolan Painting Estimator will be happy to review your options.  Just call our office to make an appointment:  610-449-7795.

Nolan Painting can repair or replace the above conditions to resemble the original architectural details.  In many cases we are replacing the rotten and damaged wood with modern composites that will never decay or rot.  These materials hold paint very well and require no maintenance.

Listed below are carpentry repairs that we can facilitate as part of a preventative painting project:

-Restoration “epoxy” repairs

-Rotten wood replacement with composites

-Shutter repair and replacement; i.e. Cedar and Vinyl Shutters

-Rotten or damaged siding

-Cracked or damaged stucco

-Rotted soffits from ice and “water dams”


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