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Learn the Top 13 Reasons Why Nolan Painting is Different from Certa Pro

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 3, 2013

What distinguishes Nolan Painting from Certa Pro? LEARN the TOP 13 Reasons


1. Nolan Painting is not a franchise and does NOT hire sub-contractors.

2. Nolan Painting trains our employees and gives them health insurance, retirement plans and continuing education/training classes.

3. Nolan Painting performs background checks on new hires so our customers feel safe while we are working in their homes.

4. Nolan Painting has been in business for over 30 years and therefore we are an experienced, trusted and reliable company.

5. Nolan Painting’s top managers have been with us for 20+ years.

6. There are no additional costs after receiving our scope of work.

7. Nolan Painting always provides 2 coats of paint.

8. Nolan Painting provides a written warranty on everything we do.

9. Nolan Painting works to be the best not the cheapest.

10. Nolan Painting has a 97% customer satisfaction rating (AKA net promoter score). This means we continue to exceed customer’s expectations and we consistently receive straight “A”s on our reviews and reports.

11. Nolan Painting works to be the best and offers 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If a customer is not entirely satisfied we will always make it right.

12. Nolan Painting does not put up any signs promoting our business unless it is on a customer’s property and he/she has okayed it.

13. Nolan Painting gives back to the community by donating to worthy causes and sponsoring over 100 races/events each year.

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