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Shake the Cold with Nolan’s Spring 2014 Color Forecast!

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 14, 2014
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Houseplant SW 6727

Get the greenhouse effect going with this lush color by Sherwin William’s. Houseplant is a fresh and luxurious shade of green that will be sure to kick any winter blues you may be experiencing. With it’s earthy undertones, this color will pair well with natural woods and bright fabrics. This color will work especially well mellowing out your living or family room.

Dynamic Blue SW 6958

Get happy with Sherwin William’s brilliant shade aptly titled Dynamic Blue. This color is so resplendent that it will brighten your mood just the same way a cloudless sky does. Dynamic Blue would make an excellent and cheery color for a laundry room, a kid’s room, or any place you’d like to add some playfulness!

Green Tea BM 236

Green Tea is a versatile color by Benjamin Moore that can work in so many decorating situations. It will be especially easy to pair this tone with other neutrals and also with enigmatic brights. Like the name would suggest, this color is going to soothe and leave you with feelings of peace and contentment. Green Tea works beautifully in the kitchen and would also be perfect for the foyer.

Glitzy Gold SW 6691

Sometimes it’s good to be glitzy. This color by Sherwin Williams is so opulent and rich that you may be left reeling. Give virtually any room in your home a facelift with the happy yellow and you’ll most likely find yourself smiling as well. This shade of gold will brighten a small space and add plenty of warmth. It would also be a fabulous color for the dining room!

Island Sunset BM 1346

We could all benefit from seeing a few more island sunsets. Why not get that mood going any time with this fresh shade by Benjamin Moore? A sweet pink like this one can be paired with neutral greens and beiges to have it really singing. This color would be especially wonderful in a little girl’s room, but with the correct styling can also be made to look sophisticated in other areas of your home.

Juno Peach BM 087

Juno Peach is such a succulent color that you may find your mouth watering. There are endless possibilities with a shade like this one by Benjamin Moore. You can pair this tone with brightly patterned fabrics, warm woods, and either cool or warm lighting. Juno Peach would be perfect in the kitchen or dining room and would also make for a cozy powder room color.