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I have mold growing in my house now what

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 8, 2014

You may have noticed grey, black or white dots on the side of your home, or under soffits that look like dirt. This spongy organic material, derived from trees, mulch and plants living around your yard, is commonly known as mold. But, how did it get there? And why is it continuing to grow?

Here’s how it works. A single spore picked up by the wind, can land on your house and start multiplying at an alarming rate. If the weather is warm, damp and without a significant amount of sunshine (typically the northern side of your home), that spore can quickly become a problem. Mold growth is not picky about where it plants its roots. It has the ability to grow on any exterior surface including vinyl siding, brick, and stucco.

How can I get rid of mold for good?

The pressing question for you, of course, is how to get rid of the mold. The area of growth must first be treated with a chemical solution that kills the spores on your home, followed by mildew proof paint where necessary. While there are several do-it-yourself solutions, if you have significant mold growth, it could be wise to seek out help from a team of mold remediation professionals.

Here are some common misconceptions about exterior mold growth:

Can’t I just power wash mold away?

While the pressurized water is sure to remove the look of the mold on your exterior, the spores remain. It will not be long before you are looking at the same unsightly growths again.

Can I paint over mold?

You’ll be surprised to know that, paint alone will not kill the mold spores. Spores will likely grow through the new layer of paint, making clean up not only more difficult, but costly.

If I clean the mold will my plants and landscape die from the chemicals?

If done properly, mold removal, even with the use of chemical agents, will have no ill effect on your landscape. Professionals who treat the mold should take surrounding landscape into consideration when treating your home.

At  Nolan Painting, our team takes the guesswork out of proper mold treatment. We eradicate mold, so it will not return, and leave your home looking brand new. For over 35 years, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of mold growth in the ever-changing Pennsylvania environment.

Nolan can take care of removing your mold when you book a job with us; it is part of our prep process before we paint. Schedule a free mold removal estimate today!