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Painting a House to Sell

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 25, 2014
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When preparing to sell your home, it’s all about first impressions. It’s important to keep in mind that the little things, like a simple coat of paint can go a long way when seeking out potential buyers. How do you ensure that you’ll get the right asking price for your home? It’s all in the presentation.

One of the biggest offenders of an otherwise well-maintained home is the color of your paint. Paint is the one tried and true, budget friendly, home improvement that can significantly change the perspective of your home. With that said, changing your paint to more neutral tones is essential to delivering just the right staging that will add value to your home before selling.

The basic rule of thumb when preparing your home for sale is to remove most, if not all, of the personal touches you’ve made over the years. This creates an effortless look that is impersonal, simple, and above all else helps potential buyers envision how their personal taste fits each and every room.

But before you start choosing colors, you’re first order of business should be to consult with a realtor. When preparing your home for sale, realtors are a valuable source of untapped information that can help you stage a home that will be hard to resist. A good realtor will tell you that the colors you choose should be livable; buyers want to see homes that are move-in ready. The fact is, prospective buyers see a lot of houses, and they may remember more of what’s wrong with the house, rather than what was right.

Here’s a simple checklist to get you started:

  • Check with your realtor about the best way to enhance your interior appeal
  • Choose neutral colors that give off a warm and inviting feel
  • Strip off any wallpaper present in your home
  • Remove any noticeable peeling paint
  • Repair and  patch damaged walls, including areas of pet damage
  • Touch-up doorways and trim
  • Apply fresh paint in the most prominent areas of your home
  • If paint is still in good condition, a light wash should give it new life

Remember, it doesn’t have to be your style, but sticking to a more neutral palate allows the buyer to see more possibilities in your home.

The Kitchen

Kitchens are a gathering place where friends and family come to share a meal. Giving your home an inviting color that stays in the ranges of neutrals,  greiges and whites.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms show better with light paint because they tend to be the smallest room in your home. Light colors allow you to give the illusion that the room is spacious, even when it may not be. Your best bet is to avoid white, but stick to colors that incorporate muted hues and earth tones.

Living Areas

Your living areas, which include the living room, home office, and bedrooms, should also remain neutral. Give your potential buyers a clean palate to work with, while still adding a bit of depth.

Before you place the for sale sign on your front lawn, don’t forget about the magic of curb appeal. The very first thing that your potential buyers will see is the front of your home, and more specifically your front door. Make sure your front door is eye-catching, while your exterior is painted a color to please.

Don’t Leave Your Paint Job to Chance — Call Your Friendly Local Painters at Nolan Painting

These guidelines should help you choose the right colors when painting your house to sell. Since the right paint job could potentially dramatically increase your selling price, why leave it to chance? Before you sell a home in the Main Line or surrounding counties, call the painters who are local to the area and know it best at Nolan Painting. Not only can we bring in color consultation experts who can help you determine exactly the right paint colors to command the price you want, but we can also do the actual painting to make sure your home appeals to potential buyers when they come to view it.

As local painters who have worked in the area for more than 35 years, we at Nolan Painting know what works for Main Line and surrounding Pennsylvania homes. You’ll get an informed opinion on your color choices, as well as a paint job you’ll love. One warning,  though — once you see how great Nolan Painting makes your home look, you may not want to leave!

Nolan Painting can help you find the right colors for your home resale. We offer a free color consultation with your paint job.Contact us today!