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How to Choose Wall Paint Colors that Affect the Mood of Your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 17, 2014
Best Blue Paint Color For Master Bedroom

Psychological Effects of Colors on Moods

Believe it or not, the color of paint used for your home decoration affects mood. They can have a psychological effect on the emotions and behavior of your family members, guests, and yourself. The first question you may want to ask is, “What is the main function of the room I’m painting“?

Consider the Color Effects on Mood in a Foyer or Living Room

The primary goal in a space like this is to give the feeling of being welcomed, perhaps even the feeling of warmth. Yellows, red earthy tones, and beige are good for transitioning from outside to inside and to make your guests feel happy and at home. These colors have even been shown to stimulate conversation.

Let’s move into the kitchen and dining room

The restaurant industry has long ago discovered how to use the psychology of red to stimulate the appetite of their customers. Deep reds work beautifully in formal dining rooms and may even prompt your guests to eat a bit more. However, if red isn’t your style (or doesn’t fit with your diet plan!), warm mauves and taupes, yellow ochre, or soft tans will create a similar feeling and (as mentioned above) can get people talking.

In your home office, it’s all about productivity

Green is the color of concentration and can be an excellent choice here. There is a range of greens that you can choose from- olives, sages, sea foams, mints. The list is practically endless and comes down to your personal preference, but choosing a green paint in this type of space will leave you feeling focused and inspired.

For a bathroom, it’s nice to give the feeling of purity and cleanliness

Whites and off-whites have always been a safe bet here and never go out of style. To create a more spa-like style for your bathroom, you can choose colors in the blue/green family as they will make you feel calm and fresh.


At the end of a long day, it’s time to relax – moving onto your bedroom

Blues, soft greens, and lavenders have very calming effects and have even been shown to decrease blood pressure. The darker the hue, the more profound these effects can be. Of course, your teenager may still be set on lime green. Take comfort knowing you won’t be sleeping there!