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Painted Wall Logos by Our Color Consultant

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 19, 2014

Our color consultant Lauren Garvey painted new logos for the Greater Valley Forge Transportation (GVF) Management Association. She painted them on their office’s walls. Learn about the process:

“The first step,” says Lauren, “in this project had been to choose a color scheme for painting the office that was consistent with the colors used in GVF’s marketing. So the green that’s shown in the one photo would be an example of that.” GVF’s mission statement states that it is a non-profit organization created to advocate and promote a viable transportation network for the region’s economic vitality. To maximize awareness and develop sustainable support, GVF partners with public and private entities.

Says Garvey, “They previously had a painting hanging on that wall that went with the theme of transportation, but had wanted to make a more direct statement about the company on the focal wall of their entry space. The logo next to GVF is their sister/partner company. I used a projector to initially get the images up on the wall and then everything was standard painting from there.”

Thanks Lauren, we think they look fantastic!