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2015 Color Trends

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 5, 2014
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Yesterday, the Paoli Design Center hosted the 2015 Colormix Forecast: Optimistic Odyssey by Sherwin Williams. Nolan Painting’s Color Consultants attended the event and shared interesting color themes that Sherwin Williams is showcasing for the 2015 year. Here’s the scoop:

SW has broken down 2015’s color trends into four themes. The first of which is titled Chrysalis. The colors in this palette represent change and transformation while alluding to the earth, sky, and natural formations. Chrysalis includes colors such as Aqua-sphere SW7613, Roycroft Mist Gray SW 2844, and Sticks & Stones SW 7503. This palette strives to make us slowdown and appreciate the simplicity of mindful living.

The second theme, Voyage, urges one to think of space travel, undersea exploration and building, technology, and the supernatural. This palette is full of magical and high-tech hues that might have you thinking of the Aurora borealis, a blood moon, or a coral reef. Some of the colors we see in Voyage are Decorous Amber SW 0007, Impetuous SW 6916, and Expressive Plum SW 6271.

In Sherwin William’s third palette, Buoyant, we are bombarded by optimistic colors that speak to a brighter future. The colors in this theme inspire creativity and imagination, they are bold and floral. One can imagine science plus an artistic vision to get a clear sense of what Buoyant strives to do. Some included colors are Paradise SW 6720, Hubbard Squash SW 0044 (pictured below), and Baroness SW 6837.

The final theme in 2015’s Colormix forecast is titled Unrestrained. Here we become immersed in the art scene, in global travel, unexpected humor, and untraditional materials. Colors are saturated and bold, contemplative and emphatic. This is a very contemporary palette and includes such colors as Humorous Green SW 6918 (pictured below), Tanager SW 6601, and Decisive Yellow SW 6902.