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Meet the Newest Member of the Nolan Painting Family

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 15, 2014

Nolan Painting is excited to announce that we’ve put into practice a revolutionary new tool . . . the dustless sander, AKA the Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander. Our painters are now highly skilled experts in paint preparation. (Below is a picture of one of our Crew Leaders using the new tool on a front door.)


Most professional painters prep a room before sanding begins by covering furniture and laying down drop cloths to catch debris and dust. The process can get messy, but with new innovative tools on the market, like the Festool Rotex, the prepping your home for paint just got a lot easier, and more efficient.

Why Sanding is an Integral Part of Paint Preparation

An integral part of paint preparation is sanding your walls to give them a smooth finish. The best prep work starts with sanding and scraping imperfections off the walls of your room as well as sanding areas that have been repaired, including those that may have a buildup of spackle. Sanding and scraping will help with two important factors; one, removing large drips and bumps, and two, creating an entirely smooth surface throughout the room.

The Festool Rotex can:

  • Switch from round sanding pads to delta shaped pads in a cinch
  • Offer a variety of sanding modes in one tool
  • Significantly speed up the process of prep work

Another important factor to note is the vacuum attachment. It is outfitted with an HEPA filter. While serving a community that lives in an older part of Philadelphia, Nolan Painting often works with homes established prior to 1978. Homes build prior to 1978 have a higher probability of having lead paint inside. With the Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractor, you won’t have to worry. The vacuum and filter hook directly up to the sanding tool and extract dust right at the source, significantly reducing dust to a bare minimum.

The dust extractor features large wheels that make maneuvering easier over thresholds and a variety of flooring. The wheels are also designed to prevent damage to our client’s floors.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? The Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander and dust extractor is designed to give you the freedom of virtually no clean up and significantly faster prep work. While we still take every precaution when preparing your home for paint, you can now rest easy knowing how your home will benefit from this innovative new tool.

Contact Nolan Painting today and learn more about how we keep your home safe while painting. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free color consultation!