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Unique Paint Ideas To Style Every Room

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 4, 2015
Blue foyer

It’s not surprising when I walk into a customer’s master bedroom and don’t see any art, photos, or decorative accents on the walls. Why? It is because our bedrooms are usually the last item on our decorating list. Most of us are more inclined to redecorate and buy a new picture frame, mirror, art piece, or light fixture for our main living areas before thinking about adding the finishing touches to our master bedrooms.

One great way to “finish” a master bedroom and give it your style is by having Nolan Painting add a decorative paint design to the walls. Whether it is stripes, a harlequin diamond pattern, or a chevron print, decorative painting adds more interest to your walls and will make a room feel like a complete design thought without having to hang very much additional wall décor.

While a decorative paint technique can add drama to a master bedroom, it can also bring fun and whimsy to a baby, child, or teen’s room. Again, this is without having to hang much on the walls there after. Bold stripes can add height or elongate a room, depending on whether they are vertical or horizontal.

A fun and easy way to showcase your color style is a chalkboard wall. For a child’s room it’s a great way for them to be creative and express themselves. For a teen, it can help them stay organized with notes and schedules. And for a couple it can be a sweet tool for sending loving and encouraging notes to each other at the start or end of the day!

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