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Nolan Painting Uses a Home Moisture Meter for Homes with Moisture Problems

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 13, 2015

Structurally sound and gorgeous in appearance, your home is your pride and joy. That is until you notice bubbling paint or a small spot on a wall. Too much moisture in the home is the single most important factor threatening integrity of your humble abode.

It’s not always easy to detect moisture with the eye. It could start as a small trickle down the back side of your wall. It could be a small pinhole in the roof that grows bigger and bigger each time it rains. No matter what the issue, a moisture meter can tell you not only where moisture is, but the level at which it reads. Higher levels of moisture in your home, especially when your climate has been dry for several days, can be a cause for concern. Sometimes, this eventually leads to mold in the basement or other parts of the home. Read our previous post on how to get rid of mold in your house.

Pin-Type Moisture Meters:

Pin-type moisture meters penetrate wood and drywall with ease. The pin enters the material at a desired depth depending on the amount of pressure from the user, the type of meter you are using and the type of material you are testing. Pin-type meters are the only instruments on the market today that indicate moisture conditions inside a section of building material.

Using a pin-type moisture meter has long been thought of the most efficient way to determine the moisture gradient in your home.

Here’s how a pin-type meter works:

Using the principle of electrical resistance, a pin meter uses the building material as an element. By driving two pins or electrodes into the materials, an electrical current reads the amount of moisture in the material. Moisture conducts electricity well and drywall and wood are both an efficient insulator.

Pin-Type features include:

  • Precise readings
  • Indicates highest moisture content
  • Measures the differences between core and surface moisture
  • Can read differences in surface texture or shape

Nolan Painting can help you pinpoint the source of any water leaks and give you suggestions on how to repair the damage. Call us today at (610) 572-2806 to schedule a free painting estimate contact us online.