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Paint Your Front Door a Bold Color for Eye-Catching Results!

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 16, 2015
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Spring has sprung, and we are all ready to see the beautiful colors of trees and flowers again. An easy area to incorporate these beautiful colors into our exterior design schemes is on our exterior doors.

The Front Door

The front door is not only a practical function of our home; it can also make a statement about your personality. Adding an eye-catching design element to your exterior scheme will draw the eye to your home and make those who pass by curious about your sense of style. A bold front door color can make your home stand out from the rest. However, how do you add a bold color without it being jarring to the eye? Try to either stay as saturated and muted on the darker side or brightly colored, and softer if you’re choosing a lighter color. Excellent front door choices can be: yellow, blue, red, green, or aqua.

A good way of measuring the success of a bold color is to start by defining the already existing colors in your home. Choose a color that works with these existing elements. For example, a black/gray roof, tan siding, and black shutters would look great with Sherwin Williams Rave Red shown above. A predominantly gray, stone, or blue home would look beautiful with Sherwin Williams Trinket 6685. A brick house could easily pull off a Sherwin Williams Concord Grape 6559 doors. Moreover, neutral home with mostly white and tan would work with Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue 6510, Sherwin Williams Greenfield 6439, and Sherwin Williams Open Seas 6500.

Try out the Free Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer

Still nervous to make the leap? Try it out on a side entry door or the entry to your home from your garage. Many people use these doors as their everyday main entries, and it is an excellent way to experiment with a bold paint color without it becoming such an overt statement on the facade of your home. You can also try it on the interior of your front door with a bold color that accentuates your foyer

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