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Painting Your Home is a Great Way to Change the Personality of a Room Without Buying New Furniture

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 21, 2015
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Nothing is easier or less expensive than putting the right paint color on your walls. A new interior paint job creates a dramatic change in rooms without replacing anything else. A simple change in the color hue can also change the square footage and make it feel more open and airy. The first thing to do is consider the exciting items in your space and go from there.

Pull a color from a fabric, artwork or area rug…..whatever inspires you. For a more open feel, choose colors on the fan deck from the top to middle range in more of the cooler tones. Rich, warm and darker colors can change the look of a room by making it feel cozier and more inviting.

If you’re looking to make a dining room more formal, deep reds and taupes can add elegance and make your woodwork pop. If you want to divert attention from your old, outdated furniture (that has been passed down from two generations), start by drawing more attention to your walls. Select a stunning color and go from an okay room to an extraordinary room. It is also important to note how colors can affect moods as we discussed in our previous blog post titled, “How to Choose Wall Paint Colors that Affect the Mood of Your Home.” This elegant dining room is painted in Sherwin Williams Spalding Gray.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen for the fraction of the cost of replacing them. Getting new cabinets can be costly and time-consuming. The right shade of off-white can modernize your old cabinets and at the same time make your small kitchen appear larger. My personal favorite is Sherwin Williams Antique White. It is the perfect shade of warmth and brightness. In addition to painting them, you can also replace the hardware, and you have the look of new cabinets without spending a fortune.

So before you decide to invest your money in all new furniture, consider a more simple and affordable way of updating your house such as painting. Select a hue according to your preference, and use color to enhance visually and completely change the look of your space. It could save you much time and money.

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