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Transforming a Room with Chalkboard Paint

Posted by Nolan Painting on June 17, 2015
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The painting industry is always thinking up creative ideas to make your home more evolved, more modern and even more fun! Recent years have given way to some awesome products that create a space that is unforgettable, especially for the kids.

Room makeovers invite kids to be creative and artistic, and what better way to do this than to introduce your child to a canvas in their room available to them every single day.

Introducing: Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is a black (also available in green) paint that dries with the texture and properties of an actual chalkboard. This means your children can write on the wall as much as they like and it’s just fine! Let’s look at some ways chalkboard paint can be used in your child’s room.

Applied to walls throughout a room, chalkboard paint can give any child creative space to expand their minds. Use one wall for homework and another for story writing. The possibilities are endless.

Create the ultimate calendar. Chalkboard paint allows you to schedule out your day, month or year!

A painted door is a fun way to identify your child’s room. Let the kids get creative with their doors, or even send a message to those on the outside of their door.

Adding stencils to your chalkboard gives it more depth.

Before you roll on the chalkboard paint start with a few coats of magnetic paint. This gives your child a place to display his work.

Chalkboard paint is very versatile. Get creative and integrate your child’s favorite hero into the décor.

Who needs a headboard when you’ve got a chalkboard! Outline your pattern in white, as seen below, to make the color contrast pop!

Chalkboard paint is a fun, creative way to give your child a room that will grow with them. Easy to maintain and clean, you can finally let your children draw on the walls, without the worry!

At Nolan Painting, our team of expert color consultants is standing by to offer you a FREE color consultation. Call today and learn more about how chalkboard paint can transform your child’s room, or any room in your home.