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Is It Too Hot to Paint?

Posted by Nolan Painting on June 26, 2015

When the temps get into the 90’s a lot of customers ask us if it’s too hot to paint. In fact last week Sherwin Williams did a presentation for us on this very topic.

Generally speaking it is not too hot to paint up to and even above the century mark. It may be tough on the folks doing the application, but the paint is not adversely affected under normal circumstances. Having said that, painters should avoid painting in the direct sun.

Tips on Painting During the Summer

1. Avoid painting a surface that is hot: Surfaces can heat up and be much warmer than the air temp. Metal and darker colored surfaces can be much hotter than the air.

2. & 3. Start early in the day & Paint in the shade if possible: Painting over a hot surface can cause the paint to dry too fast leading to a number of problems from performance to appearance. We start early and focus on roof and exposed areas in the early a.m. We look to save porches, under hangs and shaded areas and do them during the hottest part of the day.

Another consideration is the late day thunder storm that happens so often when the heat and humidity build up during the day. One of our mainstay exterior products is Resilience by Sherwin Williams.

The summer is the best time of year to paint. While the weather forecasters often predict thunder storms, most days they do not occur. The nights are mild and the days are long. We have been working around the weather for 36 years.

Take into Consideration How Heat/Humidity Affect Paint

  • Heat will speed up the dry time
  • Heat can cause the paint to cure improperly
  • Humidity will slow the cure time