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6 Paint Colors Homeowners Use Most

Posted by Nolan Painting on July 20, 2015
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Select the Perfect Interior Paint Colors

You want your home to look unique and like it’s truly your own. But there are also proven colors and color combinations you can rely on when looking for interior house paint colors — timeless shades that will help your home look comfortable and beautiful.

When it comes to choosing a color for your home, there are some traditional colors used by many people that can make your home look great because they align with good interior painting principles. below we have listed the top colors used by homeowners as well as the spaces in their home they will most likely apply these colors. Get a color consultation today to help choose the right colors for your home and style — and consider residential painting services to enact your vision!

Most used “Tan”:  SW Softer tan 6141

When choosing a neutral for any space, you can’t go wrong with Softer Tan.  It is a true tan that is neither pink nor yellow, and just deep enough to make trim and moldings pop. Some tans lean too much toward white, while others may look too brown — especially in rooms that don’t get much natural light.

This is one of the most popular interior paint colors because it coordinates with any décor. Tan is most often used in open floor plans, large open foyers and bathrooms. It is also used a lot with homeowners who are thinking of putting their home on the market in a few years because of its universally-pleasing appeal. Consider this color if you want your home to look great now, or even if you want to make the right impression on prospective buyers.


Most Used Gray:  SW Agreeable Gray 7029

When homeowners want a neutral tone but are tired of tan, they usually then turn to gray. Gray provides a sense of elegance and sophistication often missing from tan. That’s not to say one is better than the other when you look at the most popular interior paint colors, but you can use the colors’ respective reputations to make your perfect choice.

The difficulty of choosing grays is that they can quickly look blue or cold. Agreeable Gray has warmer undertones, which create a cozier feeling. It also makes for a great backdrop for art or framed photographs. Try it in: living rooms, kitchens and home offices.

Most used Blue: SW Breezy 7616

Blue is a crowd-pleaser, the go-to choice when someone wants to try color. This soft blue has slight hints of gray, which lends sophisticated appeal. It especially works for small spaces like bedrooms and baths. It is mostly chosen in: bedrooms and baths. Why these spaces? Because blue is a color of both creativity and relaxation. When you’re painting an office, blue may be able to help you increase productivity and unlock your mind. In bedrooms and bathrooms, the right blue can help you unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

Most used Green: SW Softened Green 6177

Green hues are perennially popular because they work like a neutral while still adding a little color to space. If you’re the type who wants to make a statement without overwhelming those who enter your home, this is the perfect color to choose. Greens also come as soothing. This particular shade has a touch more “green” without going muddy. It is mostly used in bedrooms, home offices, powder rooms and kitchens.

Most used Cream: SW Ivoire 6127

Not too yellow, and not too tan, SW Ivoire is a flattering cream that lightens and brightens any room. This color changes with the light and works great in open floor plans and bedrooms. If you own a home that is well-shaded or offers few windows and little natural light, this color is the perfect way to create a sense of light where there otherwise is none.

Most Used “Dramatic” Color: Sherwin Williams, Virtual Taupe

A neutral brown is an unsung hero of the paint world. It can go in pretty much any room and gorgeously sets off textures (woods, textiles, etc.), yet is unobtrusive. It is mostly used in dining rooms, kitchens, hallways and powder rooms. Just make sure that you stay away from brown in rooms that are already dark. While this is one of the most popular paint colors for living rooms and other living spaces, you don’t want to darken a room too much.

Pick Your Favorite Interior House Paint Colors

Ready to redesign your rooms with the most popular interior paint colors of your choosing? Nolan Painting is here to help. Our color consultants can guide you in selecting the best colors for your home. Contact us for more information on our painting services today.