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A Space of Their Own: Memorable Painting Ideas for Boys’ Bedrooms in Philadelphia County

Posted by Nolan Painting on September 21, 2015
Green vintage wall and leather retro décor

Kids’ rooms are some of those great places in your house where you can let loose with some adventurous decorating ideas and have fun with your little ones. As one of the more private rooms in the house, it doesn’t need to coordinate with anything but your child’s favorite colors and activities. Little boys’ rooms, in particular, lend themselves to a world of creative opportunities to make a space that reflects your little one’s personality.

Here are a few ideas, but they’re here just to provide inspiration for you to do something unique with your child’s room and make something memorable. Nolan Painting can bring professional painting skills to the project that will make a young boy’s room a part of his happy childhood.

Color: Understated or Bold?

Whether you’re thinking up ideas for one little boy or several brothers of different ages in several rooms, you can choose colors and themes that will make them smile. A personalized room gives a greater feeling of intimacy and uniqueness they’ll never forget. No matter what their current age, they all enjoy a customized makeover of their personal space. Sometimes a simple, high contrast color scheme with great furnishings can make a room fun, clean, and functional, especially for two siblings sharing a bedroom.

Neutral walls (white, grey) with a different-colored stripe are one particularly effective way to accomplish this. This is the type of age-neutral palette that gives boys ten years and up a chance to grow into a room.

On the other side of the spectrum, many kids love outspoken color and can’t have enough in their personal bedroom. Young boys, especially, love bold colors and rooms that match their sense of fun. You can set their room apart and make it special with a palette no one else would choose. Primary colors (blue, red, yellow—think the colors of building blocks or legos!) work especially well here, as do tertiary colors (green, orange, purple).

Combining different shades of one color (for instance, a light, a medium, and a dark) in various groupings or patterns, or with a different shade setting apart a certain wall, can be a fun use of a boy’s favorite color. Colors can also be combined with texture in surprising ways on a ceiling or accent wall to achieve a unique look. Wooden boards of varying lengths can be installed horizontally or vertically on a wall and painted with several different colors for a striking, rustic look that can even be coordinated between siblings’ rooms (vertical boards in one, for instance, and a single horizontal “stripe” board in another).

Another way to incorporate colors that reflect a boy’s personality is by choosing wall colors to complement the costumes of their favorite superheroes or comic book characters, or the jerseys of their favorite sports team. This way you don’t have to get involved with too much decorative wall work: you can get the job done with a Batman yellow or a Spiderman red highlighting posters and other memorabilia, or bright blue and orange to compliment the Mets pennant on the wall.

We Can Help You Bring Ideas to Life!

Whether you want to keep the design limited to a palette choice, or you want to go all out with a theme your kids will love, Nolan can bring it to life with our full range of professional services. If you and your son want to have fun painting and decorating his bedroom, and you want it to come out with an exciting level of professional finish, we’d love to help you. Whether it’s just an exciting palette of colors or a selection of special finishes, Nolan Painting has the materials and the expertise to turn boys’ bedrooms into a daily experience they’ll never forget. We provide a free estimate to help you get your project underway. Get started with our online form!