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What an Expert Painting Company Will Do Differently From a Skilled Do It Yourselfer

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 9, 2015

Like most homeowners, we pride ourselves on knowing how to do things for our home. If you’re assembling a grill, you have a cousin who is great at it, and a neighbor who makes the best barbecue sauce (you yourself know how to get the steaks done just right). Even with this DIY spirit, we know that there are some jobs where it’s best to use a licensed professional.

The Nolan crew is ready to provide you with the best job possible

Where Licensed Professionals Make The Difference


Surface Preparation

Preparation is half the battle when it comes to painting. You can’t just slap a coat of paint on any surface. Proper preparation may mean removing wallpaper, refinishing existing plaster, sanding, spackling, resanding drywall, and, of course, priming a surface before painting. Nolan knows all the steps inside and out, and will make the surface ready without undue time on the job. This is one of the trade secrets: the time spent upfront is what makes the clean, bright finish in the end.

EPA Compliance

For many homeowners in the area lucky enough to own an old or historic home, there are some hidden challenges professional painters are uniquely qualified to handle. An EPA Lead Safe Certified Job is critically important for older homes because many older paint jobs used obsolete lead paints that can be especially harmful to young children. Specially trained professionals can ensure the new paint job does not exacerbate the hazard and take every step to safely abate the problem and allow you the peace of mind to enjoy your piece of Pennsylvania history. Each of Nolan’s painters has EPA lead certification, as well as additional skills and training to prepare the surface in order to create a perfect and EPA-compliant paint job every time.

Expert Knowledge of Paint Performance

Finally, we look forward to your ideas about color and design and are eager to make the changes you want, exterior or interior. All of our exterior paints are of the highest quality, and built to withstand the dramatic temperature shifts of the Pennsylvania seasons. We know which paints are safe for vinyl siding, so if you’ve seen a neighbor make the wrong choice on a vinyl job, you’ll know why it’s best to leave the choice of paint to professionals when it comes to protecting your home. Our line of interior latex paints covers a range to suit any taste, whether you’re looking for traditional colonial colors or the trendiest contemporary choices.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature and precipitation can leave some paints looking rundown over time Its best to put the choice of paint in the hands of professionals with knowledge of performance specs to keep your paint job looking as fresh as the day it was finished

Our customers know the difference between a DIY job and the type of service we offer. When you take into account not just the time you will save at the beginning, but the time and money you will save down the road due to repair and maintenance, you’ll see that when it comes to making your house the way you want it, a licensed, professional, expert painting company like Nolan Painting is your best bet. Contact us today to get started!