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Our Families, Our Community: Nolan Continues Its Tradition of Service

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 3, 2015

We’ve been in the “neighborhood” for decades now, and we’re proud to call the Main Line our home. We’re a family business and we’ve grown to know many other families in the region over the years. It’s these connections to our home and its people that keep us doing what we do, and for years now we’ve demonstrated that through volunteer work and financial donations. But we’re taking another step in the next few years: we’re dedicating a serious part of our company’s work to improving our community. We’ll be coming around to many community events, participating and sponsoring as best we can, and giving support with food and more. Here’s a look at where we’ll be in your neighborhood these next few weeks!

Elves for the Shelves a great event for a great library | Image Source Radnor Memorial Library


We’ll be at the Elves for the Shelves run and walk on December 5th, supporting the Radnor Memorial Library in Wayne. This fundraising event helps raise much-needed funding for a great library with a history of serving the community that’s even longer than ours! We’ve all benefited at one time or another by the libraries in our community. Many of us grew up checking out books every month, fostering a love of reading in the process. Others have used library resources like computers to find work or learn more about all kinds of topics. The Radnor Memorial Library has been performing all those functions and more for decades now, and the Elves for the Shelves event is about giving back to a great institution. Come by and say hello on December 5th, and come to support a great cause! We’re ensuring that this library is here for us as well as for generations to come.

Running for a Cause The Reindeer Romp | Image Source Reindeer Romp


Anybody who knows Nolan knows about the Reindeer Romp! We’ve been partnering with this fundraiser almost since the beginning, and we’re proud to work with them as they celebrate their 18th year! On December 13th, folks from all over the region will get together, rain, snow, or shine,to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

The Reindeer Romp memorializes a Havertown boy named Brandon Lake who was tragically taken by cancer in 1997. His fight is over, but every year since we’ve run and trudged for five kilometers in his name. In raising money and awareness, often in inclement weather, we remember Brandon and his story. All of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help children like Brandon fight against cancer. Main Line residents know that locals here look out for our own and we do what we can in times of need.

It’s always heartwarming to see our community come together for this event. People make time during the busiest time of the year, and they run or walk together. We’ll be part of this event for years to come and we hope to see you there!


Last but not least, this year we’re excited and humbled to have received the “Main Line Gives Back” award from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce at their annual Red Carpet Dinner! Our work in the community has always been about community service, and that’s what we’ll be continuing with our “Nolan in the Neighborhood” program. Seeing people benefit and making others happy is reward enough, but it is great to be recognized by our region for our efforts. We feel the award name–“Main Line Gives Back”–is really appropriate. We don’t feel like we’re just giving; this community has given us so much over the years that we’re just doing our part to pay it back or pay it forward. But with the outstanding support we’ve received from the Chamber as well as the rest of the Main Line we know we’ll take our wonderful community and make it truly great.

See the “Main Line Gives Back” press release here!


There are a lot of community events every year this season, as well as private gatherings and parties that take time from already busy schedules. We hope you’ll be able to make time to come to a few of the ones we’ll be at. There are few events more inspiring than charity events and nothing makes us feel closer to our neighbors and community than working with them to better where we live during the holidays. “Nolan in the Neighborhood” is really about being good neighbors–the kind who care, who remain active in each others’ lives, and who bring the area together in times of need as well as joy. Look for us around this winter. We’ll be in the neighborhood!

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