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Going Gray? A Timeless and Durable Paint Choice for Your Main Line Living Room

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 15, 2015
phoenixville painting services

phoenixville painting services

As those gray winter days come to the Main Line, gray might not be the color you’d expect to fall in love with for your interior. But, gray is a better alternative than choosing another neutral color like tan. Gray is more current right now and can be more interesting than tan. A lot of furniture is tan and by going with a gray shade it brings more contrast to the room and makes the space less monochromatic and more visually appealing. Plus, gray reflects light gently, doesn’t show wear and tear as easily as white, and matches everything, making it a good go-to choice for your living room.

A Neutral Tone Matches Everything

The benefit of a neutral tone is that you don’t have to stress about whether your existing furniture is going to fit with your new wall color. If you’ve accumulated a few different pieces over time, you may have a little bit of an eclectic style, so going with a neutral tone like gray can keep things from clashing.

The living room shown above really points out how different colors like the brown wood floors, the white TV console, and the blue patterned pillows and rug coordinate without looking chaotic. Gray sets the backdrop for everything to look its best, and doesn’t overpower the other colors in the room.

Gray Can Handle a Few Scuffs

The quickest way to ruin a nice new paint job is to have the kids come home from football practice and scrape their gear against a fresh, white wall. But as a parent, you don’t really have the time to stress about constantly cleaning the paint in the living room. Instead of living with that anxiety, it’s best to pick a durable paint with a nice medium-dark shade that can minimize the appearance of wear and tear. When you’ve got a few kids and maybe a rowdy pet or two, the last thing you need is a wall that’s going to show off its small bruises, scrapes, and dirt smudges.

The Right Light for Every Season

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we can see some major fluctuations in the quality of light throughout the year. In the winter, the paler shade of light can feel like it’s swallowed by dark tones, and in the summer the bright afternoons may feel overpowering when they’re reflecting off a bright white or pastel. Fortunately, gray transitions very well  between warm and cool tones, working well across a range of seasonal light. Gray offers a moderate mid-range tone that keeps your room mellow even in bright light, without being oppressively dark.

To make the most of your gray throughout the seasons, we recommend a nice indirect light source, like a lamp, that you can adjust throughout the year. Your standard floor lamps or hanging paper lamps can create a beautifully warm glow in a gray room starting around golden hour and going into the evening, making for a truly welcoming living room that your family will love spending time in. On winter afternoons and bright summer evenings, sunlight from your windows will sufficiently light a gray room without feeling harsh.

Going Gray: Get Started on Your New Interior

If you’re considering a home renovation in the gray spectrum, contact your local painting contractor to get their recommendations. Modern tools like online color simulators can help you hone in on the right hue, but a color consultant can always come to the rescue in a pinch. It’s great to have someone that can talk over the choices with you and help you select a color for your specific room. Nolan has been providing comprehensive painting services along the Main Line since 1979. Get in touch with our experienced team for a consultation!