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Dazed by Too Many Paint Choices? Our Main Line Color Consultants Can Come to the Rescue

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 23, 2015
Does your child dream of a bedroom with an overly bright color scheme A color consultant can help you strike an acceptable balance

Choosing paint colors for your home can be overwhelming and stressful. Our color consultants can help set your mind at ease — we’ll guide you through the process and help you make your dream interior a reality.

Color Challenge #1:

The Child that Wants the Whole Rainbow

For parents, it can be a challenge balancing their son or daughter’s big dreams for their bedroom with the economic and logistical realities of painting the room. Maybe your daughter wants seven shades of bubblegum pink, and you’re struggling to find a way to make her dream come true without making a costly decision that she may ask to paint over again in just a few years. In a case like this, it’s key to go with something that will withstand the test of time while granting them creative input in the process. Customer Madeline Douglas was facing a similar predicament when collaborating with her daughter to redesign the girl’s bedroom:

“Nolan’s color consultants had quite a challenge with my daughter’s room (pictured above, end result), because she had given me 4 colors that she wanted: blue, orange, lime green, and fuchsia pink. We worked together and we came up with an end result that was fabulous.”

Color Challenge #2:

Meshing a Master Bedroom Renovation with Your Existing Style

Designing your home is a process that takes years. Your style begins to manifest when you move in and make your first design decisions, whether it’s investing in your first coffee table or picking out the living room drapes. Over time, it’s vital for homeowners to weave together the different looks of these pieces to have a comprehensive look that doesn’t stray too far into the “shabby” of shabby chic. If your latest renovation is starting to push your aesthetic a little too far into the eclectic zone, our color consultants can step in and help you find a solution that connects your current look to the new palette. Customer Karen Spector faced this challenge when re-painting her master bedroom:

“My estimator recommended I use their color consultant so she could come out to my house to help me match current paint colors I had and also to assist me in choosing new colors for my master bedroom. She was invaluable to the process.”

Color Challenge #3:

Trusting the Team

Once you’ve decided to turn over the reins to our crew of consultants and painters, we’ll get in touch for your free consultation. Then we can set up an in-home meeting and go over samples together. Sometimes the next challenge can be just sitting back and relaxing, knowing that the painters will do quick and timely work. To give you a smooth renovation with seamless communication, our team will be sensitive to your needs and remain flexible to updating the plan as we move through the process together. Color consulting is a collaborative process. To set your anxieties aside, our customer Laurie Morrison-Fabius recounts her positive experience working with the Nolan Team:

“The crew was friendly and efficient. I appreciated the color consultation and the flexibility to make a change to our initial color plan. Our apartment looks beautiful, and I was thrilled with the quality of the work and the timeliness with which the painters finished.”

Laying out a plan with the help of a color consultant can help you feel at ease as you begin to paint

Start Painting With Confidence!

The beauty of hiring a color consultant is not having to stress about the renovation; you can rest easy knowing that the neutral shade you picked out won’t unexpectedly have an unpleasant hue when applied to the whole wall, or that the bright orange your son wanted for his room might negatively affect the resale value of your home down the line. We understand that the range of paints, brands, and colors can be a dizzying prospect, and we’ll guide you toward a choice that can withstand the test of time and please the whole family.

Nolan Painting has been partnering with families along the Main Line since 1979 to create beautiful interiors. If you’re considering an interior renovation, please contact our team of color consultants today for a consultation.