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Spring Maintenance Checklist for your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 29, 2016

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re probably spending more time outside your home and noticing improvements needed. This is a great time to inspect your home’s exterior. Take a moment to review this checklist, and get home repair services in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas from Nolan Painting. Give us a call today if you need help maintaining your home!

Power Wash

Finding mildew, mold, dirt or common wear and tear on surfaces on your home? It’s time to power wash and get a clean new look. At Nolan Painting, we offer power washing for homes in and around the Philadelphia area.

Shutters & Front Door

Do your shutters and/or front door have peeling or chipped paint? Are they looking a bit weathered and need repair? Or are you looking to change it up with a fresh new color? Time to patch, repair and repaint them. Our residential painting services in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs will help keep your home looking fresh this spring and summer.

Wood, Vinyl and/or Aluminum Siding

Finding your wood, vinyl and/or aluminum siding needing repair? At Nolan Painting we can power wash and repaint those areas to keep your home looking great!


Seeing cracks, deterioration, or unsightly mold and mildew? Time to clean, repair, and paint to give your stucco a nice fresh look. We offer stucco repair services to help keep your home stable!

Wood Rot Issues

Finding wood rot on your home’s exterior? Our team of carpenters can help repair the wood around your home to keep it structurally sound.

Outdoor Furniture

Is your outdoor patio furniture in need of cleaning, repairing and repainting? At Nolan painting, our power washing and painting services are perfect for providing you with the perfect outdoor space for this summer!

Nolan Painting Is Your Local Full-Service Home Beautifying Partner

Why does Nolan Painting provide all these services to our local Main Line and surrounding areas homes? Why do we do more than just paint? The simple reason is that Nolan Painting is a local business that has been part of the Main Line community for four decades. That means we have a strong investment in making sure your home looks great, and we want to do everything we can to make that happen. We’ve developed this full range of services over the years so Nolan Painting can be your one-stop shop for virtually all your home improvement needs. Instead of looking for an outside contractor, you have a name you can trust do all the work for you.

Our dedication to the Main Line community has paid us back over and over again, and we look forward to honoring our commitment to that community for years to come. Our greatest joy is knowing you can count on us for your painting, carpentry, power washing and other home needs. Call us with the understanding you’re going to get high-quality workmanship and love the job once it’s done.

Hire the experts, give Nolan a call today or schedule a free online estimate.