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Paint Ideas for Kids bedrooms

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 31, 2016
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A Few Paint Ideas for Your Kids’ Rooms

As your family grows, you may be wondering what would make the best child’s bedroom paint color. With a seemingly endless array of colors and design options, it can be difficult to decide which look would work best.

There are a couple of different ways to approach painting a child’s bedroom: picking a theme or selecting a solid color. Each option provides its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With over thirty-five years of experience in residential painting, Nolan Painting is uniquely qualified to offer advice on the subject.

Here, then, are a few paint ideas for your kid’s room that will look great and last for years:


Adopting a theme for your child’s bedroom can be a way to help you organize your thoughts around what colors would be most appropriate.

Is your youngster into cars? Sherwin-Williams — a company that Nolan Painting is proud to have partnered with — has a unique solution. Check out this design, which features a roadway painted on the wall coming up from the floor. This ingenious layout allows your child to express their playtime fantasies and can help teach them how to use space creatively.

Alternatively, you can use colorations to frame a room a certain way to allow for fixtures to fit in nicely. Note how the painters of this room have cleverly integrated a barn door, something one might not ordinarily expect to see in a child’s bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind while considering a theme, however, is the additional cost involved, particularly if you opt for a custom design. As your child grows, they may no longer care for a particular theme, so it’s important to keep in mind that a future re-finish is a possibility before proceeding.

Solid Colors

If an intricate design doesn’t strike your fancy, or if your child prefers a more basic look, a solid-colored room is an excellent, cost-effective choice.

There’s still plenty to consider with a solid-color room, however: Practitioners of color psychology have proposed that the color you choose to paint a room can have an effect on your mood.

In fact, a study featured in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that colors may affect your psyche.

Interestingly, this graphic states that painting a room yellow can make a baby more likely to cry, so you may want to avoid emphasizing it if you have an infant. You may instead want to opt for blue, which can have a calming effect.

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