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3 Color Matching Apps Can Make House Decorating Easier

Posted by Nolan Painting on September 23, 2016

Looking to match a color in your new bedspread to your bedroom walls? There’s an app for that. Check out this Los Angeles Times article on how three virtual color matching apps can make house decorating a bit easier. Snap a picture of the color you want on your walls and the space you want painted, then upload them to one of these 3 apps from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Behr. The apps will determine the name and style number of that paint. And voila, you can then virtually “paint” your walls.

Check out the article and excerpt below:

Prepare to be obsessed: Apps let you test drive paint colors without lifting a brush

By Bonnie McCarthy

“Over the past decade, major paint manufacturers have introduced free, online design tools to help homeowners choose interior and exterior paint color via computer, tablet or smartphone. And they just keep getting better….

We checked out the latest offerings from three leading platforms — Color Capture by Benjamin Moore, ColorSmart by Behr and ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams — that offer color matching, color combinations and the option of uploading photos to “virtually” paint your rooms.

Color-matching tools allow users to match colors in a photograph to corresponding paint. Want to paint the bathroom the same color as your favorite orchid? Snap a photo, and the app reveals the name and style number of the paint that perfectly captures that hue. ColorSnap will even tell you where to find the paint chip in the store display.”