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Combining Wallpaper and Paint in Your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 28, 2016
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How to Use Paint and Wallpaper Together

When it comes to decorating your walls, you have two choices: wallpaper or paint, right? Well, why not both? There’s no law that says you can’t use both wallpaper and paint together when decorating your home. There are some great wallpaper and paint combination ideas out there, and using these two decorating ideas in conjunction can create a really unique look. Here are a few wallpaper and paint combination ideas to consider.


Wallpaper and Paint Ideas for Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to combine wallpaper and paint. For example, you can paint the walls but make the  wall where your headboard is an accent wall with wallpaper to create a unique design that really stands out and accentuates the main piece of furniture in this room.


Wallpaper and Paint Living Room Ideas

If you live in a colonial home with chair rail moldings, one thing you might consider that often creates a beautiful effect is to wallpaper  above the chair rail moldings and paint below them. Another interesting possibility is painting the ceiling and wallpapering the walls. This can make both the ceiling and your wallpaper design stand out.

Tips for Using Wallpaper and Paint Combinations

When using wallpaper and paint together, it’s important to keep in mind the properties of each. You don’t want an overly strong paint color that will overpower your wallpaper. You want paint and wallpaper that work together, that complement each other in such a way that feels natural but allows both paper and paint to shine. Nolan Painting can help. We paint homes inside and out, and we’re happy to offer customers a color consultation for paint pairing.

Nolan Painting for Paint Color Consultation

When you contact Nolan Painting with a wallpaper and paint project, our paint design specialists will look at the wallpaper you have selected or what is already on the walls where you wish to add paint. They will then walk you through their wide selection of Benjamin Moore and Sherman Williams paint colors and help you select a paint shade based on your wallpaper’s color and design.

If you like the idea of a wallpaper and paint combination but aren’t sure where to start, there are plenty of great design ideas you can peruse online. Sites like Pinterest and Houzz feature some amazing wallpaper and paint combinations. Do a little research and let your creativity run wild, then once you’ve narrowed down your plan, let Nolan Painting help take you the rest of the way.

To find out more about how Nolan Painting can help you with wallpaper and paint combinations and all your home painting needs, contact us today.