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The Differences in Qualities of Paint

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 2, 2016
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Different Qualities of Paint: Premium vs. Super Premium vs. Ultra Premium

If you haven’t painted your home in a while, you probably imagine it’s just a matter of figuring out which color you like and then picking it up in the store. These days, though, paint and painting have gotten a lot more advanced. If you’re looking for the best coverage and the best look, you want premium paint.  

The Evolution of Paint

paint cansOver the last ten years, the cost of a can of paint has gone up exponentially, from around $12 to $20 a can to around $20 to $50 a can. But the quality of paint has gone up dramatically, too. Today’s paint looks better and brighter and lasts longer than the paints of the past, especially at premium levels. Sherwin Williams offers a great selection of premium paint. Benjamin Moore does too. But premium paint is just the beginning. You can also opt for super premium or ultra premium paint.

When you hear about premium, super premium or ultra premium, you’re usually looking at gasoline, but these ratings have nothing to do with fuel. In fact, these ratings can be very important for painting your home. Premium, super premium and ultra premium paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore costs a little more, but it’s worth it. Keep in mind your total cost will be determined by the square footage of the space needing paint. Premium, super premium and ultra premium are in the top bracket of paints, and each one is a little better than the previous level.

Advantages to Premium, Super Premium and Ultra Premium Paint

Premium and higher paints offer a number of advantages. They are more resistant to stains and more scrub-able. They also provide better coverage. This is an important point to remember. You’re paying more for premium paints, but you will need fewer coats to fully cover your painting area. These premium paints also have finer, smoother finishes and are more mildew resistant. The higher you go on the premium scale, the more pronounced these advantages are.

Nolan Painting for Your Premium Paint Needs

Nolan Painting offers one of the best selections of premium paints by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore you’re likely to find anywhere. Sherwin William premium paints also have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are more stain resistant and can be scrubbed clean. Nolan uses the premium paint Cashmere as well as the super premium paint Duration Home by Sherwin Williams. Benjamin Moore premium paints are extremely low VOC and are moving towards no VOC. Nolan Painting uses the premium Ben by Benjamin Moore as well as the super premium Regal Select.

Ultra Premium Paint

Ultra premium paints are the absolute top of the line. In addition to all the advantages of premium paints to an unmatched degree, ultra premium paints have unbeatable color retention. You won’t find ultra premium paint at just any paint store, but you will at Nolan Painting, where you’ll find Emerald by Sherwin Williams and Aura by Benjamin Moore.

Quick Overview:

  • Qualities of Premium Paints:
    Finish is rich and silky, no roller marks, no streaking, needs only 1 coat, outstanding coverage.
  • Qualities of Super Premium Paints:
    Paint and primer in one, repels stains, no scrubbing to clean just wipe with water, good for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways, mildew resistant, excellent hide.
  • Qualities of Ultra Premium Paints:
    Paint and primer in one, repels stains, stains wash off easily, ideal for high traffic areas, mildew resistant, extreme hide and coverage, smooth finish, exceptional color, zero VOC.

To learn more about premium paints and which paint might be right for you and your home, contact Nolan Painting today.