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Bedroom Colors for Teens

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 29, 2016
Green vintage wall and leather retro décor

Bedroom Colors for Teens

Sooner or later, your teen’s room is going to require a new paint job. What colors will you use? What are the ideal teenage bedroom paint colors? Well, naturally, that all depends on the teen. The best approach when choosing bedroom colors for teens’ rooms is, of course, to ask them. When you do, you need to make sure your teen understands their room isn’t getting a new paint job every week and they need to pick colors they’re going to want to stick with, colors they don’t mind seeing day in and day out.

Here are some ideas about what to expect and what suggestions you might make.

Teenage Boy Room Colors

Today, teens aren’t constrained to traditional notions of what are boy colors and what are girl colors. That being said, whether due to cultural norms, peer pressure or some feeling deep inside, you may find a lot of boys have a proclivity toward certain color schemes.

Blue, as most people know, is the old standby, and has been for many decades. There are a number of different shades of blue, and whether your boy will go for a darker or lighter shade, a muted color or a bright one, will depend on their style, personality and mood. There’s no wrong answer here. A blue room often goes well with white accents, or perhaps a darker blue with lighter blue accents. A mostly black and white room with a few pops of perhaps orange or green may also appeal to your teen boy.

Grays, warm browns or neutral beiges seem to be trending now for boy’s rooms with bright accent colors like orange, green or blue to make the room pop or simply add a layer of dimension.

Finally, don’t be surprised if your teen boy wants his room painted in his favorite team’s colors: A Miami sports fan might go for a teal and orange room, while a young man who follows the Philadelphia Eagles may opt for a green and white color scheme.

Teenage Girl Room Colors

Like boys, girls are not committed to traditional colors of the past, but they may choose them anyway. The standard carnation pink, with white accents or a darker pink complementing it, may be considered a little too girly or old school for some girls, although others may still love it. You can do variations of the traditional pink, like a salmon color or coral or even hot pink.

However, purple and navy blue seems to be a popular choice for many of today’s girls, giving them much the same feel as pink but a more sophisticated overall look. Today’s girls may also opt for a soft, understated blue or green as their primary color of choice.

Helping Your Teen Choose Bedroom Paint Colors

The most important thing for your teens’ bedrooms is a color scheme they can be happy with. Teens also seem to be into wall murals where you can use stencil or sketches of trees, flowers, geometric shapes and horizontal or vertical stripes. Before making any choices, it can be a good idea to peruse sites like Pinterest or Houzz with your child to help them get a sense of what color schemes they like and what they will want for their room.

When you’re ready to paint that room in the Philadelphia area, be sure to contact Nolan Painting for a high-quality, professional home interior painting job every time.