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Our 10 Day Guarantee

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 1, 2017
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About Nolan Painting’s 10-Day Guarantee

Done in 10 days guaranteed bannerPeople who need the interior or exterior of their home painted, or who need painting done for their business, all have something in common. They want the job done fast and they want it done right.

The problem is, with some painting companies, those two needs seem to be mutually exclusive. Sometimes, when you hire painters, you start to feel like you should be charging them rent. For a job you feel you could do in a week, some painters hang around for a month or more.

Nolan Painting feels that type of approach to a painting job is unacceptable. If you’re having your home painted, you need that home back as soon as possible so you can get on with your daily life. If you’re having the exterior of your home painted, you don’t need neighbors coming by week after week trying to figure out if you’re moving or if your house was hit by a tree. If you’re having an interior job done, you want those workers out so you can relax in your home. If you’ve got a commercial property to paint, an extended painting job could cost you business.

Nolan Painting Gets the Job Done Fast, Guaranteed

For painting jobs in the Philadelphia area, if you need your job done in 10 days or less ask about our 10-day guarantee. Whether it’s residential, commercial, interior or exterior, your job will be done 10 days from the day you request it. Once the request is made and we agree and approve it, we promise to get the job done in 10 days guaranteed!

That doesn’t mean our painters are going to do a half-baked job or rush things when it gets close to the deadline. That kind of approach is for other painting companies. Nolan Painting is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, which means we are required to complete the job in a professional manner. We produce a properly painted surface, which PDCA defines as one that is uniform in color and sheen and free of foreign materials, drips, spatters, lumps, skins or other indications of uneven or insufficient coverage.

We can’t rush your job even if we wanted to, which we don’t. We know we can provide you with a great paint job in a reasonable timeframe that’s not going to throw your life or business out of balance, and we’re so confident we can do a job you’ll love in that amount of time that we’re more than happy to offer this guarantee.

Contact Nolan Painting Today

If you need a paint job in the Philadelphia area, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. For fast, friendly service that’s done right, contact Nolan Painting to schedule a job or get a free estimate today.

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