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Shiplap Wall Decor

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 7, 2017

Wide-Plank Shiplap Wall Decor

If you’re looking to upgrade and beautify your home, shiplap wall décor may be the answer. Wide-plank shiplap decorating ideas can be used to beautify a bathroom, study or even create a shiplap accent wall to add a little unique character to any part of your home. If you’ve got shiplap decorating ideas in and around the Main Line, Pennsylvania, the carpentry experts at Nolan Painting can help.


Wide-Plank Shiplap Decorating Ideas

There are countless reasons and ways to use wide-plank shiplap in your home. If you’ve got a room or a wall that has wallpaper that’s out of date, faded or peeling, adding wide-plank shiplap may be a great-looking, inexpensive alternative to tearing down all that wallpaper and starting over.

You can line the bottom half of your dining room with wide-plank shiplap, leaving the top half bare or painted with a complementary color — wide-plank shiplap is typically painted white or left in a natural state with sealer on it — for a distinctive look all your guests will appreciate. You can put it behind your bed to give your bedroom a little additional character, or use it to fill out a fireplace wall. The uses of wide-plank shiplap in interior wall décor is really only limited by your imagination.


 Why People Use Shiplap

Wide-plank shiplap is extremely popular among people with fixer uppers because it’s inexpensive. Nolan Painting carpenters can install it so quickly and easily, you may not even notice they came. And it looks great — not cheap or tacked on. Wide-plank shiplap is also a great way to get more wood décor in your home, and many people agree wood gives your home a classic, timeless look that almost everyone loves.

Some people have concerns about wood as a building material because it is very vulnerable to water damage and susceptible to rot and decay. You should take note of the fact that Nolan Painting offers wood composites for many carpentry projects. These are materials that look just like real wood, with the same natural appeal and beauty but that require no maintenance and never decay or rot.


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Nolan Painting brings the same attention to detail and client satisfaction to our carpentry jobs as we do to all of our paint jobs, with expert technicians who are trained in offering the height of customer service. If you’ve got some ideas about adding wide-plank shiplap to your home or you’re interested in doing any kind of carpentry or painting home improvement in the Main Line, PA area, Contact Nolan Painting for a free consultation today.