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Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 11, 2017
After image of re-painted kitchen

Nolan Painting Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Are you wondering, “Where can I find qualified kitchen cabinet painters near me?” If you live in the Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania area, why not contact the professional house painting experts at Nolan Painting? We’re great at painting the exterior of your home and the interior walls, and we’re your trusted kitchen cabinet painting contractors, too.

Painted White Kitchen Cabinets

Our crew painted this Bryn Mawr home’s kitchen cabinets a clean white color. Our professional cabinet painters are skilled at kitchen cabinet refinishing and will make your cabinets look practically new in virtually no time at all.

Over the past ten years, kitchen cabinet refinishing has become increasingly popular. The style is moving to solid colors — white or gray or fun pastels or even dark colors — and you may be starting to feel like your current traditional wood look for your kitchen cabinets is getting out-of-date.

Rather than replacing your cabinets, it’s much more cost-effective to bring in kitchen cabinet painting contractors from Nolan Painting to revitalize your cabinets’ look.

Your Kitchen Deserves a Professional Look

You could try painting your cabinets, but without professional experience, it’s unlikely you’ll get the look you want.You need the right combination of preparation, product and spray equipment to get the right look. The point of doing it yourself is to save money, and with the amount you would pay to get the right equipment for a professional kitchen cabinet look, you would probably eat up any potential savings.


How Nolan Painting Give You Great-Looking Kitchen Cabinets

We start by removing your cabinet drawers and drawer fronts, hinges and other hardware. Then, we clean and sand all cabinetry to ensure a good bond. We use tack cloth and compressed air to make sure the surface is clean before we start the finishing process.

Then, we go to the spray booth for a climate-controlled, dust-free environment in which to do your finishing. We give it three coats. First, a primer bonder for an even level surface. Then, after fine sanding, a second coat and then a third coat called with Cabinet Coat, designed especially for cabinetry.

The result of this attention-to-detail is a finish that’s as close to the factory look as possible.

Contact Nolan Painting for Beautiful Refinished Kitchen Cabinets Today


Nolan Painting's workshop of spray booths
Nolan Paintings workshop of kitchen spray booths

If you’re ready to give your kitchen cabinets a fantastic new look in and around the Main Line Pennsylvania, we are your painting and refinishing experts.Give us a call at (610) 572-2806 or contact us online for a free color consultation on kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services or any of your other home painting needs today.