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Choosing The Right Paint For Trim

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 18, 2017
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What Makes Good Trim?

If you’re getting ready to have us paint the trim in your home, you may be wondering what makes good trim in the first place. As your local interior trim painters, we know there’s only one answer: If you want your trim to look great, you need to have great paint. You could have the best house trim painters in the world, but if you’re not working with a high-quality paint product, your trim just won’t look the way it should.

Nolan Painting Interior Trim Paint Is the Best There Is

Fortunately, Nolan Painting has both the best interior trim painters and the best product. What kind of paint for trim do we use? We use a private label made just for Nolan Painting called Main Line Enamel manufactured by Benjamin Moore.  It is a very durable trim enamel that bonds extremely well to hard surfaces (like old oil or alkyd finishes) and dries to a harder finish vs. traditional latex trim paints. It’s an industrial enamel that has a beautiful flow. And being the industry leader in the paint category we only use the best products for your home.

Proven to Be the Best Paint for Interior Trim

Before using this paint as the exclusive paint for our interior trim, we wanted to make sure it was the best, so we did a blind test. We tested eight products across five categories: Adhesion, Hardness, Leveling, Flow — or how the paint feels coming off the brush — and Coverage.

Our paint came out number one in all categories, and it wasn’t even close. This trim paint is superior to everything else on the market today. Over 32 painters told us what they thought, and the consensus is the same. Our paint is the interior trim paint that will give you the best results.

95% of the trim we paint is standard white, and this paint produces a beautiful and clean white color that you’re going to love.

Environmental Impact of Our Interior Trim Paint

Our interior trim paint meets all state EPA compliance laws. While it’s not a zero-VOC paint, it is on the right side of the borderline for VOC compliance.

Why Our Paint Is So Important

You might be surprised that we spent so much effort making sure we had the best possible paint for your interior trim. But that’s just indicative of everything we do here at Nolan Painting. We’re not trying to get through as many houses as possible — we’re trying to give each and every one of our customers the best experience possible.

We want you to know you’re getting a paint job that looks great and will last. That’s why we make sure our painters are as highly-trained as possible and that we use the best paints we can find.

To learn more about the Nolan Painting 100% satisfaction guarantee or to secure a free color consultation, contact us today.